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March 09 2012

A study in ringlight
Cassini took this photo on June 7, 2006. Mimas is silhouetted against the rings. The planet is lit by reflected and scattered ringlight. Two stars are above the rings in the background. Credit: NASA / JPL / SSI / color composite by Gordan Ugarkovic
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March 07 2012

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March 06 2012

February 24 2012

Networks over dollars: Enormously vested interests with bottomless pocketbooks can be overcome by people banding together through newer, smarter, faster networks....

We've seen it happen to the wealthy, powerful newspaper, magazine and recording businesses – and the protests against SOPA and PIPA [proved it possible in the political realm].

I can think of no industry in better need of that sort of upheaval than our policymaking infrastructure, ... [where] many decisions [are] not based on fact or effectiveness, but shaped by the money chase that elected officials are obsessed with.

I want our tech industry to see as much potential, as much excitement, as much glamour, and far more meaning in fixing politics and voting and policy as they do in fixing the way we listen to music or organize our photos.
Politics is a Business. A Big, Broken One. Let's Fix It. - Anil Dash
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Snow Drawing at Rabbit Ears Pass by Sonja Hinrichsen

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February 23 2012

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Experimental little iPhone/iPad app: “Spill some liquid on the screen and watch the greedy little cells emerge, consume, swarm out and build clusters...” 

The base app is free and comes with a bunch of neat preset behaviors for the cells. The lab upgrade (1$) lets you move the sliders yourself and create your own parameter sets.

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February 21 2012

Ex-Justizministerin Claudia Bandion-Ortner, gemalt von ihrem Gatten Andreas Bandion, verkauft an das Ministerium für "etwas mehr als 3000 Euro".
Bandion-Ortner arbeitet übrigens mittlerweile für die in Niederösterreich beheimatete Internationale Anti-Korruptionsakademie.
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February 15 2012

Do you have a link to the study this is from?
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February 13 2012

Space shuttle seen by TIRA radar (FGAN Reasearch Institute) in Wachtberg near Bonn
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February 07 2012

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What happens when indie devs become millionaires...
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February 06 2012

Self-esteem is central to learning: How you react to failure and your own progress (or lack thereof) defines the way you learn. Kids who are afraid of looking stupid, of being compared to their peers, and of having to work hard without the promise of success are the ones who are branded as lazy, unimaginative, or just 'stupid', when in fact they are just afraid of trying hard. ...

Most of my students had no idea that math, like weightlifting, is supposed to hurt a bit. They thought that heavy, stretching sensation you get when you learn new concepts meant they were stupid, that they couldn't do math. They didn't realize that everyone feels that, if only briefly. If you're in the bottom third of the distribution, and a third of people are, you never get to the other side of that feeling before the class moves on.

The answer isn't magic teachers. It's for kids to learn that learning is possible. ...
[This is one of the advantages of] Khan Academy, [with] the ability for the student to replay the lesson over and over [on their own terms].
Khan Academy discussion @ Hacker News
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January 13 2012

Cover artwork for Icon magazine by Zim And Zou

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January 10 2012

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omg . hahahahahahaha
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January 03 2012

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December 22 2011

Bürgerinitiative "Stoppt die Vorratsdatenspeicherung"

Jetzt online zustimmen! (zeichnemit.at)
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December 08 2011

December 07 2011

A new report by the Swiss government argues that unauthorized file sharing is not a significant problem, and that existing Swiss law—which allows for downloading copyrighted content for personal use—is sufficient to protect copyright holders. It considers and rejects three proposed changes: a French-style "three strikes" law, Internet filtering, and a mandatory collective licensing regime that would impose a fee on all Internet users that allowed unlimited file-sharing.
Swiss government: file-sharing no big deal, some downloading still OK

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November 27 2011

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November 25 2011

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